The Magic & Mystery of the Preseli Bluestones

The story of Stonehenge’s bluestones, the white spotted dolerite stones that make the smaller inner circle to the weighty outer Sarsen stone circle is a mystery that has kept experts puzzling for centuries. That they originated in the Preseli Hills in North Pembrokeshire is well documented but how they got the 200 odd miles to Stonehenge is still inconclusive. Fascinated by the story we went in search of Preseli bluestones and found a very special place, a magical atmosphere of lingering memories held in a timeless landscape of rocky outcrops and sweeping plains.

Preseli blog6

Intrigued by the story, we started work on creating a mug telling the Bluestone’s tale using an image of their origin on one side and then their resting place at Stonehenge on the other.

The cubic quality of the stones was really noticable while sketching their forms. Like a pile of lego bricks ready to make something from.

Preseli Blog7

I worked the images into a design for the lino, including the all important rising sun for the stones to face.

Preseli Blog8 Preseli Blog9

I liked the juxtaposition of the natural with the man-made arrangement of stones which led easily from one to the other; the Preseli bluestones appearing to start a march towards Stonehenge!

Preseli Blog11

The final mugs won’t be ready immediately. It will take time for the next production process to complete; the ceramic transfer screen printing and application along with another firing. Hopefully we will have them launched by the end of March.

Helen White


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