Dorset’s Jurassic Coast – a walk across time

I took a chance on the weather this week. Expecting bitter cold and a sea whipped up by February winds but no rain I headed for Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door on the Dorset Jurassic Coast. Well rugged up, I walked the famous cliffs tops in surprisingly calm, quiet conditions helped by being one of only six cars in a football sized carpark.

Durdle Door never fails to impress. The scale of this massive arch stepping into the sea is simply breathtaking.

Durdle door 3Durdle door sketch

Then along to towards Lulworth Cove passing a few dog walkers and a digger repairing the damage of the well eroded paths, evidence again of the numbers of visitors that must tread this piece of coastline every year.

Dorset Coast2 12.2.15

I stopped at Stair Hole fascinated by the crumpled bands of rocks representing millennia of years of formation processes; lifting, depositing, eroding, tectonic plates pushing and shoving. And weaving in and out, a soft turquoise sea. Have a look at for excellent detailed explanations of the coastline.

Spotted a pretty stonechat on the grass on the homeward turn and sat on a bench to take in the unexpected tranquility of the view before a group of 20 teenagers equipped with cell phones and fashion footwear trailed past following a teacher shouting to no one in particular and waving an arm towards a distant Chesil beach “……and that, girls, is a Tombolo”!


Work has commenced on the artwork for the Dorset Coast mug!

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