Developing a Cornish Coast Mug featuring St. Michael’s Mount and The Minack Theatre.

W Casley St Michaels Mount

St Michael’s Mount has been the subject of many paintings by artists over the centuries, Turner included. Wonderful pieces of this atmospheric seascape on the south coast of Cornwall are to be found throughout British art history. The distinctive silhouette shape in the bay at Marizion; the play of light on the moods of the sea and the historical significance of the Priory and Castle have all justifiably attracted attention.  Co-incidently, I have a large painting of the Mount by artist W. Casley 1882, hanging in John’s study. We bought it over 30 years ago for no other reason than we liked it – struck by the staging of the composition, the fishermen at their daily work almost lost to the grandeur of the greater significance of the Mount.

This was still the scene we found on our visit – practically unchanged for centuries. Armed with photos and sketches I planned my second Cornish Coast mug for lino cutting.

St Michael's Mount_0001

St Michael's Mount 2

The classic image of the Mount with the slinking, watery Causeway linking it to the mainland, gave strong shapes to work with and balanced well with the man-made, bold structure of the Minack Theatre on the reverse.

Minack Sketch

This too, allowed for some lovely patterning and textures to be cut into the lino.

Minack Linocutting  Minack Linocutting2

I was happy with the final print. The ink added its own dimension and character to the cut lines. This design is now at the next stage adding colour with a screen printed ceramic transfer that can be wrapped and then fired onto the mug.

Minack Print  St Michaels Mount Linocut

We expect delivery of the final mug in October. This will be one of two of the Cornish Coast collection that will be available; the other being Tintagel and Boscastle. In the meantime there are other designs from around the British Coast and the National Parks at

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